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  • Simple smoothie recipes

    I just got a power blender that you can make smoothies with but I’ve never made smoothies before. I’m looking for some great healthy recipes that won’t use up all of my calories for the day. Any ideas?

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    I think my favourite smoothie is a mixture of frozen blueberries, vanilla yogurt and orange juice. I also like a smoothie with banana, strawberries and low-fat milk. I would recommend you experiment and find out what you like. You might find that you enjoy smoothies that are a blend of only fruit or you might like the fruit, juice and dairy mixture.


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      You can also make vegetable smoothies, either ones that are entirely comprised of veggies or ones that mix vegetables and fruits. For instance, you can mix banana and spinach. That may sound gross but it's surprisingly very good and good for you too. If you want a super healthy and low-cal smoothie, try making a lemon and celery smoothie topped with chia seeds. There really are hundreds of different smoothies you can make.


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        Is there any way to make veggie smoothies sweet? Otherwise, they taste like work LOL


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          Those are some pretty good smoothie ideas! I personally like the ones that are all fruit. Mixing fruit and vegetables just seems freaky to me.

          Whirlybird - Maybe try honey or a flavoured yoghurt like vanilla?