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Chicken in a slow cooker

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  • Chicken in a slow cooker

    I’m looking for a way to cook chicken (white meat) in a slow cooker in a way that isn’t filled with fat, salt, or sugar. Any ideas? I have an entire cookbook that someone gave me a few Christmases ago, and all of them are pretty fatty and salty, or fatty and sugary. Is the slow cooker really an appliance that is anti-diet?

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    Not at all. A slow-cooker is an amazing cooking device. The ingredients you add to the dish you are making is entirely up to you. For instance, if you make a chicken soup, you can add fresh veggies, use a low-sodium, low-sugar chicken stock, and add your own spices and herbs. If you can't find a recipe that works, I find that making up your own isn't a bad idea. It may be a lot of trial and error, but it can be a lot of fun too.


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      Try making a chicken cacciatore. It is easy to make and there are plenty of great and easy recipes online. I would recommend using whole grain rice and a low-sodium, low-sugar tomato sauce. Chop up your favorite fresh veggies and add them to the mix, as well as other herbs or spices you might light. Add all the ingredients together and toss them into the slow cooker and let it cook and simmer all day until you're ready to eat. I usually cook the chicken first before I add it to the slow cooker.


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        Yummy! MeSarah, you've got to invite me over to dinner. LOL


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          I'm starving just reading these recipes. You can do a play on duck a lorange in your slow cooker if you use chicken instead and toss in some orange juice, orange slices, and chicken stock. When you're done, reduce the liquid in a pan and use that as the sauce.


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            mmm, that sounds great TammyBear! I know what I'm serving the fam this weekend