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is pea soup healthy?

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  • is pea soup healthy?

    I love making pea soup. I like the french Canadian variety the most. I cook it with peas, carrots, onions, herbs, and a low sodium broth and either a ham bone or a smoked pork hock and add the meat when it's done cooking. Is that a healthy meal? I'm always unsure about the health benefits of yellow peas and if smoked pork is considered nutritious.

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    Sure it's good for you, but it is typically high in salt, even if you use a low sodium broth. The reason is that the smoked ham isn't the greatest for you. I mean, it's got protein but smoked stuff typically has a lot of salt and other things to make sure it remains safe to eat. That said, honestly, if you're not eating it daily it's a lovely soup and definitely a heck of a lot healthier for you than lots of other stuff!!


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      I love this soup, too! It's a nutrient dense meal (and better for you when you make it yourself instead of out of a can). It has a lot of protein and some fiber. Honestly, the only real downside is the sodium.