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Are microgreens healthier than regular leafies?

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  • Are microgreens healthier than regular leafies?

    Microgreens are way more expensive than getting regular leafy greens (which are already pretty pricy these days). Is getting microgreens better than getting a giant bag of normal spinach for the same price?

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    I think they have the same nutrients only packed into smaller packages, so you have to eat less to get the same amount.


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      I agree. It's the same nutrients, only you get more from less. So instead of having to eat a huge salad, you can have a small handful.


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        That's great! That's just what I wanted to know. Makes it easier to get my greens without having to sit down to a huge salad every day, right?


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          Microgreens have the same nutrients, only more of them. Some estimates say that early microgreens that have leaves contain 10 or more times the nutrients contained in the same weight of their fully-grown counterparts. So it does make it easier to get those nutrients if you're not interested in eating salads. You can simply add them to soups, sandwiches and other similar meals and can still get those nutrients. You'll get less fiber though. That said, if you already like salads, microgreens are a great way to bump up the nutrients you get from them.