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    Here’s a question. If taking Fenfast 375 works best when it’s combined with a reduced calorie diet and an exercise program, then which one is actually best to use? Are you supposed to use it to help you when you’re on weight watchers or atkins or something? What diet is the best one to go along with this pill?

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    Honestly, the best diet is it the one that works for you that you can stick to. Personally, I'm not on any special diet program. I did try a couple like the paleo diet - bleh (don't recommend that one) and I did the online weight watchers for a bit, but eventually I found out what worked for me through trial and error. That said, if you are new to diet programs and want help watching and controlling how much you eat, I'd recommend weight watchers.


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      I would say any of the diets that make you count your calories. I saw in some of the stuff on the web page for Fenfast that it helps you to reduce the number of calories that you're eating, so in my mind, that means that it is good for a diet where the goal is to eat less calories so that you can lose weight. It would probably work with other ones, too, that's just what I'm guessing from reading the stuff from the site. It said that you can cut your calories in half or something like that.