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Fenfast 375 surprised me

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  • Fenfast 375 surprised me

    I’ve been posting on this forum for years now and anyone reads stuff I write knows I focus on all natural, whole foods, avoiding chemicals, no GMOs, etc. I think there is a natural flow of energy within us and we destroy that when we pollute our bodies. To be honest, I thought Fenfast 375 was just another pollutant but I’ve been reading into the ingredients and the reviews it’s getting from people using it over the years and it is far better than I thought it was. If I offended anyone by talking about this pill in a negative way in the past, I just wanted to take the chance to say sorry. Ignorance is no excuse, but it can be very damaging. I’ve been humbled by this and will educate myself more before I speak.

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    You express yourself so well, enviroTodd! I don't recall you ever bashing this diet pill but just in case, you're forgiven haha. In all seriousness though, I entirely understand why you may have been skeptical without knowing the facts. It's so hard to find legitimately good diet pills these days. Everything seems like a scam! It's really great to see products with quality ingredients though, isn't it? I like FenFast, too


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      BabyButtons is right, enviroTodd ! I've heard you talk about how important all natural things are to you but I've never thought you were out and out bashing anyone. It's cool taht you can admit that you feel you were wrong and that you were willing to learn something new about something you feel strongly about. That's tougher than it sounds and I know I've actually left other forums after I talked myself into a corner and realized I was wrong the whole time. It's not easy to come clean when someone calls you out, especially publicly. Still, I seriously never thought you were flaming or trolling. You're entitled to an opinion just like the rest of us. None of us are experts. We're just supporting each other with what we know and believe.


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        Really enviroTodd? I never thought I'd see the day when you'd praise a diet pill. So what makes this one so special to get the eT approval?