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PHENBLUE for the holidays

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  • PHENBLUE for the holidays

    Instead of feeling blue over the holidays because of not sticking to my weight strategy, I got PHENBLUE I got it on sale for black friday/cyber monday and can't wait for the package to arrive. I'm not going to get all depressed for losing focus on my weight this year. I'm going to keep myself under control and now I'm getting help for it too. Sharing in case this inspires someone else to keep the blues away over their lack of focus on their weight just by making some small changes like this. Good luck everyone!

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    Good attitude. I like that you're focusing on your mental health this season. More of us should be doing that. It's important to know what causes us to feel blue and what triggers symptoms of depression. I hope you end up feeling positive energies throughout this season and beyond.


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      Curious to knwo if it worked. If it did, it'd be great for doing better in January too. I hope you'll update us, TaraNorth