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Phenblue + what diet program?

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  • Phenblue + what diet program?

    What is the best diet program to go with the use of phenblue? Is there one that is the best match?

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    I don't think there is a best match because when it comes to diet it is all a matter of personal preference. A diet you might like may not work well for someone else and vice versa. That said, I personally follow weight watchers. I've always liked the program and I like that you can do it for free online. Avoid any of the major fad, fasting and detox diets.


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      I'd think that pretty much any diet program that follows the basics of what Phenblue is all about would be worthwhile. So anything that cuts back on calories and that boosts up overall exercise should be proper. It's not a good idea to do anything too extreme, though. That's not really what this product is about.


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        Try something with an online calorie and fitness tracker. That will help you keep on the right path