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5-HTP diet pill ingredient

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  • 5-HTP diet pill ingredient

    I’ve seen that 5-HTP is one of the ingredients in this diet pill. Does anyone know what that is or what it does. Is it a natural ingredient or is it some kind of chemical? I’m just wondering if I should consider it to be good or bad.

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    it's a chemical by-product. It increases the product of serotonin and can affect appetite (make you less hungry) among other sensations.


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      I think its a pretty good ingredient, especially for appetite suppression. I think it's a chemical by-proudct, as well as a natural ingredient. I think it comes from an African plant but I might be wrong about that.


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        I've seen this in a lot of different kinds of supplements. I'm not exactly sure what it does, but it's in a sleep aid that I used to take all the time (It worked pretty well, too). I don't think it makes you sleepy. I think it might have been one of the ingredients that calms down your mood and takes down stress and anxiety. I guess it could also have weight loss benefits. I don't know what they are though.


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          I think it gives you fat burning and mood support