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  • For workouts only?

    If I just want Trimthin for powering up workouts, do I need to use it steadily every day like the bottle says, or can I just use it specifically for workouts, taking it about a half hour before?

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    Probably if you're just using it for workouts, ya, take 2 a half hour before. Just be sure you eat something, maybe after your workout, and don't take it within 5 hours of bedtime so you can sleep well. That would be my guess.


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      I agree, you could use it for every day support or if you just want it for your workouts then go for it a half hour ahead to give it time to kick in by the time you start exercising. That would be a good way to use it too.


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        I think you could use it either way. You'll probably get more from it by using it steadily, but if it's really just workouts you want it for, why not just use it then?