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antihistamine and trimthin

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  • antihistamine and trimthin

    I read somewhere that antihistamines improve digestion. Does that mean they’ll make a pill like trimthin more effective too?

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    I've never hear of an antihistamie improving digestion before. I think histamine produces stomach I guess if you're someone with a condition where you produce too much acid an antihistamine could be beneficial to digestion, but I don't see it aiding TrimThin in anyway...I mean I don't think you should take an antihistamine unless there's a medical reason why you need to (e.g. cold, allergies, etc.).


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      Couldn't agree more, JokerzWild . Where did you hear that antihistamines improve digestion, KittyKatt ? I've heard that it can help to decrease inflammation if you're eating a high histamine meal and you react to it, but for the average person, how does it make a difference?


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        I don't think that anti-histamines will improve trimthin but they may help to improve your digestion if you have a histimine intolerance related to food or digestion, etc. That said, you'd have to make sure that histimine was the reason behind digestive issues and the only way to do that would be to talk to your doctor and get tested. I don't think you should just start taking anti-histamines to improve your digestion, regardless if you're taking trimthin or not.


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          I always thought anti-histamines were for allergies and for cold medication to help clear a stuffy nose. I also thought that sometimes they're used to help people sleep. Are they used for something else?