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weekends are setbacks

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  • weekends are setbacks

    I have no problem eating right and staying active all week long. Then the weekend comes and it's like I have no self control. Anyone have tips to share?

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    I definitely agree with you! Weekends are when I'm most likely to get take-out, eat with friends, or just snack in front of the TV. I also skip my workouts about 95% of the time on sundays. I've been trying to come up with a work-around that will just take that into consideration so that I will do better on other days, especially saturday and Monday, to make up for how awful I am on weekends but particularly sunday.


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      Is it food that you don't have control with or is it exercise? Maybe you can let yourself have extra treats on the weekend but make portion control your focus. Don't take the whole bag of chips to the couch with you, for instance. Instead, put a good amount in a bowl and don't go back for seconds. You'll still get the chips, but not ALL the chips. Same goes for pretty much anything else. Let yourself have it...just not huge huge amounts.


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        Can you just focus on letting loose on one day instead of both. That cuts the problem back by 50 percent already.


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          Be extra good on Friday and Monday to make up for Saturday and Sunday