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Fresh air is my best tip for weight loss

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  • Fresh air is my best tip for weight loss

    I've been getting outside more and I've been losing weight easier. I think just getting outside and moving around is doing me a lot more good than trying to exercise inside. I don't know if it's some sort of hormonal thing that boosts mental health or what, but the fresh air from being outside make me happy and not want to go in. I'm glad to get stuff done, whether I'm flat-out exercising or just completing chores. If you want better results, get outside more! Plus, you're not likely to eat if you're filthy from all the projects you're completing

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    I find that works for me when the weather is good. When it's extremely hot or when it's extremely cold, it has the opposite effect. It makes me not want to go back out the next day.


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      Good point! Not so much when it's super hot out, but now that the temperatures are cooling off but aren't cold yet, it's perfect!


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        Smart! I agree. Even when I don't want to do it, if I go out and walk or jog, I always feel happier when I'm out there. Especially in daylight, not as much at night, but it's still decent if it's dark out. That's good news for when the days get shorter!


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          I'm really appreciating that right now. It's not too hot and the winter hasn't started yet. It's really the perfect weather for those daily long as it's not raining!