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Don't go to extremes!

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  • Don't go to extremes!

    I agree with PamelaPoison's tip that going back to the basics is a good idea. In that same vein, I wanted to point out that you should avoid going to extremes. Forget about the detoxes and the starving yourself diets. Forget about the Master Cleanse and the Cabbage Soup Diet...and PLEASE avoid the really nutty diets like the Tapeworm Diet because do you really want to go so far as to give yourself a parasite to lose fat?? Never forget that your weight loss journey needs to be, above all else, safe and healthy for your mental and physical wellbeing.

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    I agree Janet. Some diets can be really over the top. It's important not to lose perspective when choosing a diet for weight loss. Giving yourself parasites or making yourself sick isn't logical and it certainly isn't healthy. It's so important to have patience and be good to your body.


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      This is a very good point, Janet and Babyuttons. Any of the diets that sound like they are forcing you to do something strange likely aren't well balanced, aren't something you'll be able to do for a long time and will do more harm to your metabolism and motivation than any good they do for your weight. It's a far better idea to gradually reduce the fast food and processed food you're eating and replace it with whole foods and with more fruits and veggies on your plate. It's so easy to be drawn in by a diet that has one or two things that are supposed to solve all our problems. It's way better to try to stop what was causing the problems in the first place.


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        Ugh. Extreme diets. Why does anyone ever think that these diets are a good idea...Honestly, if you're that desperate enough to lose weight, it might be time to except the truth: the weight is only coming off by changing your diet and exercising. It's a long process, you've got to be patient, but it's the only tried and true method to drop pounds and keep them off.