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are prescription diet pills safe?

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  • are prescription diet pills safe?

    I've been reading a lot about prescription diet pills and so many things say that they're prescribed when doctors deem the risk to be worth the potential benefit. I feel like I'd need to hope that my doctor's risk tolerance was low... are these things really dangerous?

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    They do come with risk. That's why they're prescription and not over the counter. All prescription drugs come with risk. That said, so does obesity for many people. That disease can affect the body in some dangerous ways in some individuals. So a doctor will decide which one is the bigger risk.


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      They're safe when they're taken by the right patient in the right way. It's not that they're necessarily dangerous. They could have side effects like any pill can. But you have to be careful to take them according to the directions. They can be dangerous if they're not used right.