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Are prescriptions the only real diet pills?

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  • Are prescriptions the only real diet pills?

    Are the only real diet pills prescription drugs? I'm starting to wonder. I just keep reading about one scam after the next. It's frustrating.

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    I don't think they are. It's a matter of finding the right one. Not all prescription drugs work for everyone and not all non-prescriptions work for everyone. You need the one that suits you and the strategy you're following.


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      No Way! The ones that work for you are the right ones and the real ones. It's nothing to do with whether they're prescription or not.


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        No. Prescriptions are the option meant for obesity patients to help with their treatment. Non-prescriptions are the option meant for overweight people who are trying to lose weight and stop themselves from getting obese.


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          I think they're the main ones for obesity patients. They can make such a big difference. SO many people benefit from them. For for those of us who are overweight, there are definitely options in non-prescription diet pills.


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            THey're the real ones for obesity treatment. Non-prescription ones are the real ones for help losing weight when you're overweight and you want to get going with the same kind of diet to lose weight so you don't become obese.