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  • Yoga before bed

    I've found that a bit of yoga before bed helps me to wind down, clear my mind and sleep. It's a great way to get in a 5 minute workout to get out the day's stresses on the muscles and joints and set up the mind for sleeping. It works with or without Ziesta, too, in case you're taking that. I listen to some music I like, anything that makes me positive, nothing angry. Anything from yoga music to Hamilton, as long as it's positive. Then I just do my favorite poses and hold them for whatever length of time feels right. I start with the easiest ones, build up to more challenging ones once I've warmed up a little, then just head to bed and shavasana until I'm sleeping. This works so well I wanted to share it so it will work for other people too.

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    I've read that stretching helps before bed. I bet you're really on to something. Not only would you be getting your mind in the right place to wind down and sleep, but you'd be making sure you get all the tightness, cricks and pops out of your body so you'll sleep more comfortably physically. I bet you'd wake up less stiff, too. Good thinking. Thanks for sharing.