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how long does it take for exercise to give you energy?

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  • how long does it take for exercise to give you energy?

    I'm really dragging these days. I want to exercise a bit at a time throughout the day, but Im so tired. How long do I have to exercise to get the energy benefits from it? Will I be able to do it in around 10 minutes at a time or am i fighting a losing battle?

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    It depends on what you're doing as exercise. Jumping jacks on the spot - 30 seconds and you'll start feeling it. Go outside for a walk and you'll feel better than if you walk inside. Just walking around a room inside does nothing unless you really go for it for a while. Try getting outside or doing something intense for the fastest benefits


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      If it's intense enough, it's nearly instant! You'll benefit from it fast.


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        Thanks! I must not be putting enough into it. I'll need to upgrade my intensity. I'm really fighting fatigue and getting up to move for brief stints just isn't doing it for me. I was under the same impression as what you've both posted. I'll see what changes i can make. Thanks again.