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Exercising with tendonitis in my ankle

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  • Exercising with tendonitis in my ankle

    I have ankle tendonitis and it's very painful. I'm doing the range of motion exercises and gentle, short walks recommended to get it better, but what do I do to exercise the rest of me until I'm healed? I can't go without any exercise for the month I'm expecting to need to heal up! Help!

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    Ow! I hope it heals fast! Anything you can do sitting down is pretty much good. Hand weights are always good. I have a friend who got one of those little portable pedaling things that function like a stationary bike but fit under a desk. She sat on the floor, plopped the pedaller onto a low stool in front of her and used it for cardio with her arms. You can also do floor work like crunches, sit-ups and so on. A lot of pilates would probably work for you especially if you wrapped the ankle and ice it after.


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      Just keep it gentle and take any feelings of pain seriously. Don't go too far on your walks because you don't want to have to push yourself through making it worse to get home. Heal fast!!!