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  • Healthy Instant Pot Recipes

    The Instant Pot I ordered on Prime Day just arrived. I am looking for healthy recipes that don't require ingredients that are too expensive or hard to find. Any suggestions for soups, stews, cooking a chicken or a roast? That sort of thing?

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    Any veggie-based pasta, stew, soup or rice dish should be good, quick and easy.


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      Oh there are so many awesome Instant Pot recipes. Some of my favorites are honey garlic chicken, vegetarian lentil soup, chicken tortilla soup, and turkey chilli!

      When I need inspiration for a healthy instant pot recipe that doesn't take a lot of time, I tend to go to this site that has super awesome recipes, like those I mentioned above. I'll leave the link so that you can check it out to get some ideas!


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        Try salmon or rainbow trout on the steam setting for 3 minutes (and quick release after). Pour in a cup of water. Lay the fillet on the steam rack or in a steamer. You can place lemon slices on top if you like that. I like mine plain most of the time. Once it's done, take out the fish, quickly wash out the pot and put in a tiny bit of olive oil. Use the saute setting to crisp up the skin if your fish piece has skin and you want to eat it. The whole thing is really fast and you'll be shocked at how good it is. Enjoy!


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          Do you have one of those egg bite molds? They have tons of opportunity for fast and easy breakfasts you can make fast or make in advance and put in the fridge.


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            Okay. I'm going to be the one to ask it. What makes cooking with an instant pot any better than good old fashioned cooking without one? Does it just save time? I mean, I get that it could be ideal for making soups, stews and rice...but do you really need to use it to boil your eggs, cook your chicken or make salmon?