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    Looking for summer lunch ideas when I don't mind assembling a sandwich, but don't want to chop anything or heat up my kitchen. Not sure what the deal is with me, but I'll put microgreens, cheese, or anything already prepared together and eat it, but I don't want to have to chop stuff up. Odd, I know, but I'm trying to avoid eating instant stuff by catering to that strange hurdle I seem to have developed. Any lunch ideas that can require assembly but not chopping or an oven?

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    Do any cooking all at once - chicken, quinoa, whatever you want - and then you're covered for a few days. SO you can make a chicken whole grain salad or even throw that on a whole grain tortilla, and you'll be doing great without having to cook multiple times!


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      You could just grab a salad kit from the grocery store and toss it all in a bowl. It's all chopped, measured, and ready for you. Even the dressing.