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Is cheese a healthy snack?

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  • Is cheese a healthy snack?

    I regularly hear that having cheese is a good snack choice because it has protein, fat and is satisfying. At the same time, if anyone talks about the type of foods we should skip when we're trying to be healthy or lose weight, cheesy foods always top the list. Is it something we should or shouldn't be eating?

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    It is as long as you only have a small amount of it. You can't just eat a ton of it because it's way too high in calories and fats for the balance that's good for your health and weight loss. It can pick you up fast, but just don't eat a ton of it at once.


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      It's not healthy like super-food level healthy. But it is far better than junk food or candy. It's a good thing to grab on the go if you're running on empty, but yeah, don't eat a ton or a whole meal of it.


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        It's nto the healthiest snack you can get but it's good in a pinch and will help tide you over to your next meal. You'd do better eating a small handful of nuts, but if cheese is your thing, go for it. Just don't go overboard.