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What exercises are best for FenFast?

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  • What exercises are best for FenFast?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone who is taking FenFast could tell me what exercises are ideal for the best weight loss results when taking this diet pill. Thank you!

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    Anything cardio is great to be done with Fenfast, since this is a product with a fat burner in it. Fat burners are most effective when they're combined with cardio exercise because those are the kind that blast through the largest number of calories in the minimum amount of time.


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      Cardio workouts that use your entire body are great. The more large muscle groups you can use at once, the better. In that light, I'd suggest swimming, walking briskly while swinging your arms, a ski machine that has the arm handles to pull, or even a rowing machine.

      Try to think of something that makes you use your legs and arms, and that keeps your core muscles (abs and back, etc) activated. For just a little bit of extra boost while you're doing any of these workouts (or even just while you're sitting around), picture drawing your belly button in toward your spine a little bit. That will help you to keep your abs active.


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        I personally find a combination of cardio and strength training exercises are great. Hey, aren't you the one who like yoga, ChirstySmiles? You may want to try that with your favorite cardio workout.


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          Get yourself a treadmill or exercise bike, plunk it in front of the tv, and go for it every evening while you're watching your favorite show.


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            My sister (yes, I'm bringing her up again - cause she's the one on FenFast), enjoys step aerobics and spin classes (whatever the heck that is). She's got a gym membership and she finds that it really motivates her to get the exercise she needs.


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              Thanks everyone! And yes, Tony1968, I am the one who likes yoga lol. But sometimes I like to know what other exercises people recommend haha