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How long can I keep using PHENBLUE

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  • How long can I keep using PHENBLUE

    Undoing the damage from how much I ate in 2020 is going to take some time. How long should I be able to use PHENBLUE to help me out?

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    Last year was awful for goals and maintenance, wasn't it? You're not alone. I think PHENBLUE is likely good to use for as long as you're still keeping up your strategy and working for your goal. If you're still working on it, it should be fine to keep using.


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      Oh my gosh, does anyone not have recovering to do after the weight damage from 2020? What a mess...that said, we're all good at cooking and baking! LOL


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        Use it for as long as you need the support to keep up the changes you want to make this year. For me, it takes around 3 months to really get my habits in place and know I won't let them slide....but sometimes I have to refresh with each new season because as my life changes, my habits tend to change, too.


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          Until you reach yoru goal. It won't hurt you if you keep using it. It's a supplement not a prescrip. Just use it like what the bottle says.