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  • Gives workouts a push

    TRIMTHIN X700 gives my workouts a good push right now. I've been tired for all September so far, but if I just grab one of these a half hour before my workout, I don't slump so I get what I should out of my exercise and it doesn't feel like a chore.

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    That's good. Motivation is my top challenge with exercise. I just need to get myself to get up and do it. ONce I"m doing it, I'm pretty driven to get it done and to try my best. It's a matter of actulaly getting going. Think this would help for that?


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      You're right! Motivation is way up there for deciding if things get done. Anything that helps with motivation is good in my books!


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        I think energy really is the main thing right now. If I have energy, my motivation and performance are both there. It's only going to be more important as days get shorter and holidays get closer!


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          To add to this point, is there anyone who won't now need extra energy just to get through the day let alone workouts between now and the new year?