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  • difference between zone and jenny

    This may sound like a rather stupid question but I’m going to ask it anyway. Does anyone know the difference between the zone diet and jenny craig? As far as I can tell, they’re both programs that make you order their specific foods. Is there anything that makes them unique?

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    I could be wrong, but I think that the zone diet is more concentrating on lower GI index foods and jenny is focused on calories.


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      I think they're the same under different brands


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        From what I understand, the Zone Diet is based on the 40/30/30 theory, which essentially means that 40% of your calories should be from carbs, 30% should be from healthy fats, and the other 30% should be from protein. You don’t have to buy pre-packed meals with the zone diet, but you do need to calculate everything that you eat so you can try to meet the 40/30/30 target.

        Jenny Craig on the other hand seems to be more about eating fewer calories and exercising more. You also have to buy the pre-packaged meals that go along with the diet, which makes it very expensive.

        Both weight loss programs have their pros and cons, in my opinion.


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          I don't know much about the zone diet, but I didn't like Jenny Craig. I'd only recommend it to someone who was really rolling in cash. It's an expensive program.