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  • Flat Belly Diet

    Has anyone ever heard of or tried the Flat Belly Diet before? According to what I’ve heard, you can drop as many as 15 pounds in just over a month, as well as belly fat. If this diet does work, I think I might be willing to try it.

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    U can lose weight on this plan if u follow it, but it wont really help flatten ur belly.


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      No diet actually targets one part of the body or another. Even exercises can't actually have you lose weight in one area. You lose weight over your whole body and it will come off various parts. Fortunately, the stomach is one of the first places that fat comes off the body, so really, any effective diet will make you lose weight around your middle!


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        I tried this diet a while back. Honestly, there is nothing all that special about it IMO. It's not that it doesn't help you lose weight, but as MadMike pointed out, it doesn't target one part of your body. if you think it looks good and want to lose some weight, give it a try, but if you are hoping it is going to flatten your belly, it's not more effective than any other of a hundred diets you could do.


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          I feel like such a sucker. I totally believed that some diets could target your middle. There are so many of them that say that they can!


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            I don't need a flat belly diet. I just need a less-round belly diet ha ha


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              Interesting. Thanks for all your responses. Maybe I’ll try it, but I won’t expect any miracles. Haha.

              BigBobby – LOL, I hear ya.