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Are gluten-free diets good for weight loss?

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  • Are gluten-free diets good for weight loss?

    A lot of people talk about going gluten-free to cut out fat. Does eating gluten actually lead to weight gain. I'm really confused because some people say it does and others disagree. Does anyone know if it does or not?

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    You don't need to go gluten-free to lose weight. In fact, unless you have a gluten intolerance, allergy, or celiac disease, there isn't any need for a person to go gluten-free. There is no hard scientific evidence that gluten causes weight gain. Also, it's can be a pain in the butt to live gluten-free because you have purchase special ingredients that can be costly and you need to make a lot of stuff from scratch. In addition, many gluten-free pre-processed products are high in fat and sugars that have been used to substitute gluten ingredients, and this can actually cause you to gain weight. So, unless you have an intolerance of some kind, there is no need to eliminate gluten. Just watch how much of it you eat, like everything else in your diet.


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      Although I don't eat gluten-free, I always thought eating gluten-free was better for you, not just for weight loss but for your health. I didn't realize that it could actually lead to more weight gain if you eat gluten-free products!


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        Going gluten-free to lose weight makes about as much sense as becoming a Vegan to lose weight. I have nothing against people who choose not to eat gluten because of a personal choice,allergy, etc., just as I have nothing against someone who chooses to become a Vegan, but to make such radical changes to your diet just to lose weight isn't sensible. There are better ways to watch what you eat and eat healthier without have to make unnecessary changes to your diet.


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          I've never even heard of gluten-free being good for weight loss. Based on the responses everyone else gave I'd say it isn't, but since you hear so many people speak negatively about gluten you'd kinda wonder if it is. Good question. I think I'll have to do my own research to really find the truth to this question.


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            Thanks. I think I'll just watch how much gluten I eat instead of eliminating it all from my diet.