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Is the Dukan Diet the same Thing as Atkins?

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  • Is the Dukan Diet the same Thing as Atkins?

    Hi everyone. Has anyone tried both the Dukan Diet and the Atkins Diet? They sound pretty much like the same thing to me. Are there any notable differences, and is one better than the other?

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    I've tried the Atkins diet not the Dukan one. I think they are similar in that they both dramatically reduce your increase in carbs and focus on protein, but there definitely is a difference. You can lose weight on both, but honestly they're heavily restrictive diets. They are hard to follow, especially over the long term and you need to be careful on them because you might not get all of the nutrients you need since certain foods are restricted or limited.


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      They do have some of the same rules but they're not the same. I find that Dukan is a lot more extreme. They're both pretty limiting but it's Dukan that I find to be the most restrictive. Neither one works over the long term because there's no way you can live like that!


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        Thanks for clearing that up! I find it gets so hard sometimes telling the difference between certain diets cause they really do sound the same.