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green mediterranean diet is good for your brain

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  • green mediterranean diet is good for your brain

    A new study just got published by researchers in Israel. They found that the green Mediterranean diet can help to preserve your brain when you keep eating this way over time. Looks like lots of versions of Mediterranean really are the best.
    Here's where I read it:

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    That's a good diet if it's something sustainable. Most people find the regular Mediterranean diet is more sustainable over time. That said, if you've got concerns about your cognitive decline, yeah, make a priority of this one because those are some serious advantages.


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      That's a good point, enviroTodd , but I'm assuming that you're already eating a lot better than I do if you already think that switching to Mediterranean wouldn't be too much of a switch. If I were to switch to either of the versions of that diet - green or not - it would be a pretty big overhaul of what I usually eat. So pretty much I'd want to choose the best one. If I was going to go for it, I'd want to aim for the best one. I think for me the key wouldn't be which individual one would be most sustainable if I followed it exactly. Instead, I'd want to pick the best one, then add it gradually, keeping adding it over time until I'm as close as I can sustainably be. I'd never be following any of them to the letter, but I'd still benefit by coming close (compared to my usual habits right now).


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        That's interesting, MadMike I'll be curious to see if science is saying the same thing in five years. Feels like there's always some best-ever diet coming and going. Fingers crossed for this one!


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          I wish I could think that I'd stick to something like this. Changing a diet this much is so hard!


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            I think I'm going to start cutting down on meat products. I've been meaning to for a while. I know it would be a long time (if ever) before I'd be a full vegan but everything really is showing that if you do eat meat, less is more. I've got to get going with that.