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Make room for things that don't go as expected

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  • Make room for things that don't go as expected

    There is no way for me to get a faster guarantee to be invited to weddings, birthdays and other celebrations where I'm not in control of the food I'm served than if I decide to lose weight. I've decided to plan for what can't be planned. I've started just expecting that there will be days when I can't stick to what I want to eat. I can be reasonable about it, but a feast is a feast. So, I just try to be good the rest of the time and then celebrate as good as everyone else.

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    Smart idea. I'm always derailed by parties and family dinners. They need to be worked in, not worked around.


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      I feel like as soon as I decide Im going to really focus on making good changes, those types of exception happen pretty much every day. I'm never sure what to do about that and it ends up pulling my whole strategy apart eventually. Summer and the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays are the worst for that!


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        So hard to do! I hope you'll update to share how you manage. I'd love to learn from you as it works out for you,