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  • Don't blindly follow instructions

    Out of curiosity, I tried following the weight loss instructions my fitbit app gave me along with my fitness tracker. I did it for one week and the whole thing was insane. I was starving all the time and yet it was always bugging me to eat less and exercise every single day. My yoga didn’t count for anything, nor did my strength training. It forced me to do enough measurable cardio and told me that I didn’t meet my goals if I didn’t reach my step count every single day of the week. So much for muscle recovery! Don’t just blindly follow apps and programs. Think about what you’re doing!

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    That's very good advice enviroTodd. I think those gadgets are alright if you want to keep track of your calories or your heart rate, but beyond that the advice they give is bogus. They also malfunction a lot. I had one friend who had a fitbit that told her she walked up 20 flights of stairs even tough she didn't take one step up a stair that day. Know what your body needs and do it. Don't consult your fitness tracker for advice.


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      Wow! That's terrible enviroTodd! Why would it do that? Shouldn't the app be programmed to help you reach your weight loss goals but at the same time not try to starve you?? And why would it not count your Yoga as exercise? Is it possible that your device or the app is defective? Has anyone else with your specific brand of fitbit had this problem?