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Is Wii Fit still considered good?

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  • Is Wii Fit still considered good?

    Just turned on my wii fit for the first time in over 2000 days (LOL!) and while I used to think it was motivational and helpful, I realized that it now seems like it has a lot of negativity and fat shaming. THe world has really changed since that product was developed. Is it any good or was it a fad? WIll I end up with joint problems or hurting myself by using it regardless of its "judgment" of my weight?

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    I think that as long as it's encouraging you to feel active and you are immune to the comments it makes that now feel like judgment or shaming, it's good. You should definitely still use other types of activity that are more natural movements than the video games, but it's still helpful even if it's old. Remind yourself that it's pre-programmed comments from a different time, before whole body wellness for weight control was embraced, back before we understood that weight comments and shaming aren't motivational at all. It's not personal. It's a not-very-accurate not-smart video game CD. You'll find that if you keep playing, it reverts to repeating comments because it's programmed with so few. So enjoy the games, ignore the "advice".


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      OMG I used to love playing that! It was so much more fun with 2 people. See if you can get someone else to join you!


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        I used to love that! I should see if my family still has one and bring it to Christmas to help pass the "boring hours" in the middle of the day after the gifts but before the food