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  • Get up every hour

    For your entire workday, promise yourself you'll get up every hour. If you're not already getting up at least to refill your coffee cup or walk to the bathroom, then have a list of exercises you can work through. YOu don't need to do them for more than 30 seconds to a minute, but they can include:
    - planks
    - donkey kicks
    - push-ups
    - side crunches
    - leg lifts
    - arm curls
    - kickbacks
    - lunges
    and others. Have a list ready so you don't have to spend any time thinking about it. Even if you do a set or two and that's it, you'll have moved away from your desk and used some muscles. you'll have got your blood pumping. HUGE difference you'll feel after a couple of days already.

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    Oddly, having a plan for the exercise is never something I thought of. I always just thought of getting up to move, and then it slides in the priority list and I always feel like i don't have time for it. Planning ahead really is the key to everything


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      I'm working from home today and when I read this post, I wrote down three exercises, and got up and did Superman exercises for 30 seconds. Great idea! Thanks for this tip.


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        I think knowing what I'll be facing well in advance will make me more likely to want to skip it