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do sit ups or crunches work?

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  • do sit ups or crunches work?

    do sit ups or crunches actually work to tone your abs or are they just painful and annoying to do with no benefit?

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    Done properly, they can help to build strength in some of your core muscles. That said, you need to make sure you're doing them properly and most people don't. This is a super crazy short video that I find explains it really well (it's not me. Just something I found from a quick search haha)


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      I think they work but you need to do the kind that twist to the side so that your elbow is aimed toward your opposite knee. I hope that makes sense. You can feel it in your sides when you do it that way, so you're working your whole core.


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        Sure they do! I wouldn't call them the perfect exercise, but if you work them in with other core-strengthening moves (and if you do them right) then yeah! Go for it!


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          Ugh, I haaaaate sit-ups and crunches. There are so many other dynamic exercises you can do instead without all the grunting and agony. I always find an alternative to these...even if they might technically work in some way.