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Are pickles too high in salt to be healthy?

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  • Are pickles too high in salt to be healthy?

    I'm trying to decide if I want to try my hand at pickles this year. But I'm seeing that a lot of them put so much salt in at first to pull the water out. It gets rinsed away, but does a lot of the salt stay in? Is it too salty to be a healthy preserve?

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    They definitely contain some salt, but as long as you're just using it to top a hamburger or eating next to a sandwich or something, it'd be fine in that amount. Don't add a huge pile of pickles to your plate and you'll be all right. They're not the same as fresh fruits and veg.


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      If you're really trying to cut back on sodium, they're probably not a good choice. If you're ok but are just being aware, go ahead and have a pickle!


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        They are pretty high in sodium, but not all of them. Check the label. That should help you to know. If they're homemade, find out if they're salted ahead of time, then preserved in a sauce or a vinegar. If they're salted ahead of time, a lot of the salt is rinsed away before it's bottled and processed. If it's preserved in a salt and vinegar brine, then you'll get a serious salt hit per pickle, so you won't want to eat too many at once.