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  • Low-Calorie Comfort Food

    Is low-calorie comfort food possible? For instance, to a somewhat extreme degree, what if my favorite meal is a big bowl of bacon mac and cheese? Is there an alternative to that that won't taste gross but that will keep me inside my daily calorie limit? Is this the sort of thing that should be considered all-or-nothing, or are there alternatives that really are good?

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    I wouldn't say that you can make bacon mac and cheese low cal, but you can make it LowER cal. Use fat free or reduced calorie cheese and skim milk in your sauce, for instance.


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      Look into things like mashed squashes instead of mashed potatoes. They're already rich and still give that same great texture, without the need for added cream, butter or even cheese. A light sprinkling of herbs and black pepper makes this feel ultra bad for you but it's so not!