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Healthy July 4th BBQ foods

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  • Healthy July 4th BBQ foods

    Getting ready for the big day. Looking for grilling ideas that are healthy. Not just veggie burgers and veggie dogs. Looking for something healthy and good but that will stand out a bit too. Not too sloppy - has to be possible to eat it in the back yard!

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    Your planning skills are clearly better than mine. I usually don't think about this sort of thing until the panic of a couple days before when I realize it's crept up on me so fast!
    When you say not too sloppy, I hope that means that various forms of salad are still ok as long as they can land on a paper plate with a spoon or fork or something like that. Otherwise, what about lettuce wraps/tacos? Filling, lettuce, and a good napkin to help keep it rolled up while you eat (and to wipe your mouth!) give a healthy option for deliciousness without the added carbs and refined flour from a tortilla.


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      Get a romaine lettuce, lightly grill each leaf, just to give them some char (you'll see when you taste it!), then fill them with grilled shrimp, shredded lettuce, grilled red bell pepper strips and some pineapple salsa!


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        grilled pineapple slices. They're great with anything pork or with shrimp, or you can even make burgers out of them. Kids especially love them, but they're perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.