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    If I exercise on my lunch break, do I take this pill first, then exercise, then eat, or do I take Liponitro, eat, then exercise?

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    How long do you exercise and how much time do you have on your lunch break? You should take the pill about half an hour before you eat something, so if you ccan take the pill, do a half hour workout, then eat, that's probably it. It'll deal with the after workout munchies too. Just make sure you had something for breakfast and/or a morning snack so you're exercising on something other than a fully empty stomach. Exercising on empty hurts your performance so you won't get as much out of your time.


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      Take the pill a half hour before your lunch break. Have the first half of your lunch, do your workout, then have the second half. That way, you get your full meal, you don't exercise on an empty stomach, you have something to top you up after your workout, and you'll be doing your workout on the full benefits of the Liponitro


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        I'd do it in this order: Take Liponitro, exercise, have lunch. It's probably not the totally best way but it's the way that would work best for me to fit everything into a lunch break. I like the suggesiton made by brightstar but I think it would need more time than my break would give me. So since the liponitro gives energy that would definitely have kicked in before my workout would start losing steam, I'd do it in that order, then eat after because I'm always starving after I exercise.


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          It depends on the type of exercise you do. If you're going for a 10 minute walk, then you don't need a lot of extra energy to complete it well. If you're hitting the gym, going for a run or doing something else more intense, then yeah, eat first.


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            I wouldn't eat a whole meal right before exercising. If you can eat, give it some time, then exercise, that's likely ideal. But if not, maybe a snack-size amount of food and lots of water, exercise, then once your heart rate is back to normal and all, go ahead and have the rest of a meal. A lunch break really limits how you can moving things around, right?