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  • Hmr

    Is the HMR a good diet? I've noticed that it's seen as one of the best out there for weight loss, but this is the first I've ever really heard about it. Has anyone tried it and do you recommend it?

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    Not really sure what you mean. Do you mean that HMR program where you pay to be a part of certain plans, or is there something else?


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      I agree with MadMike. I don't really know of an HMR diet but there is HMR Programs, which essentially combine a structured diet with exercise and behavioral lifestyle-change coaching to help you lose weight while teaching you skills to keep the weight off and better manage your weight. It looks to be a pretty good program that is offered at clinics across the US and also provides an in-home option, but it's not a traditional weight loss diet where you buy a book and you simply follow the rules. There's a lot more to this program and it isn't free.