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    I was just browsing thorugh some weight loss stuff online and I found a thing that listed the top diet programs of this year and I guess one is called the PINK method. I’ve never even heard of that before! Is it a diet for girls or women? Is it one based on the singer? What is it? Does anyone know if it works? People seem to have good reviews but I can’t figure it out.

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    I'm pretty sure that this is a series of exercise videos that are meant for weight loss and not necessarily a diet program on its own. It's a weight loss program based on fitness. From the brief google search that I did, it looks like it's quite an intensive program. It definitely looks like it's geared toward women.


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      ya, it's diet program geared toward women that consist of following a low-cal diet and rigorous exercise. P.I.N.K stands for power, intensity, nutrition, and kardio. No idea why cardio is spelt with a "k". I don't know if it's like that to spell pink, or it's another way to spell cardio or if it means something else. I've looked into it, and I don't find it very appealing.


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        I never heard of this. Does it work well?


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          It looks like you need to be in shape already for it


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            It's not a great diet program in my opinion. As 2strikes pointed out, it really is better if you're already in shape. It's a strict program.