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Don't break old habits, create new ones

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  • Don't break old habits, create new ones

    I've found it's easier to start a new habit that replaces an old one instead of just trying to replace a bad habit I don't want to keep doing. Instead of stopping from doing something like eating fast food, I'm starting new habits that replace the old one. It's a lot easier. I'm focusing on the new thing and trying not to think about the old thing at all.

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    I know it's just a matter of mindset. In essence, you are breaking an old habit by stopping it, but you're right. If you focus on creating a new one - a new one that happens to replace the old one you don't want - then it's a far more positive and effective way of going about it. In your mind, you're getting something new, not taking something away. That is a lot easier for most of us to stick to. Really good point, 1000kilowatts !