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Are artificial sweeteners making people fatter?

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  • Are artificial sweeteners making people fatter?

    I've been trying to find out if artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame are causing weight gain. It seems like everything I read online claims something different. Does anyone know the answer? I welcome opinions backed up by quality research! Thanks in advance!

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    They're not good for you but most aren't bad for you either unless you're really eating unbelievable amounts of them every day, like 20 cans of diet pop daily. They don't give you any good nutrition and I definitely wouldn't call them healthy, but when used occasionally as an alternative to sugar for a treat, they won't cause weight gain. You'er fine.


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      I don't think they are. They're gross and taste like metal, but they're not behind the problem of obesity or anything.


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        I don't think they are to blame. I really do think it's our overall habits. I don't think having too much of anything - sugar, artificial sweeteners, or other nutrients or ingredients - isn't good. It's about getting control over our diets as a whole, not individual foods or substances.