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b&A pics do more harm than good

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  • b&A pics do more harm than good

    I used to think before and after pics were helpful and motivational. Now I think they do more harm than good. They only show how little things are changing after so much hard work. It's better to just be where you are and keep up your gradual effort. Sure, you can have a pic at the start so that you can look back on before it all started, but tracking with pictures isn't accurate enough and it only drags you down.

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    I guess it's all in how you use the pics and on your individual motivators. For some people it helps. For some people it does the opposite


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      If taking pictures drags you down, definitely choose something else to track your progress. I like to have a bit of a record with pictures, but I can definitely see that it wouldn't be for everyone.


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        I find that they motivate me most of the time. Sometimes I'm frustrated, but even that will often push me to try harder so I'll get better results the next time.