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Blood pressure, energy levels, not pictures

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  • Blood pressure, energy levels, not pictures

    Instead of using pictures to give myself a "before and after" feel, I'm tracking things like my blood pressure and energy levels. I do this once per week along with the number on the bathroom scale. For me, it's more motivational to see that things are going on in a healthy way inside my physical and mental self than to just hope I get a picture that doesn't focus on the parts of me I'm trying not to hate. For the sake of body positivity, those progress pictures are going away for now.

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    That sounds like a good idea. Body-positive measuring is so much better than self-judgment based measuring. I'm tired of hating myself


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      Have you seen positive changes so far? Is it working to help you feel motivated in a good way instead of fixating on one thing? I'm very curious about this.


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        Measuring more than one factor for progress sounds like a great idea, especially when it looks into lots of areas of your health, not just size. I love this idea!