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  • Decide on dessert in advance

    I've given up on trying to cut dessert. Plus, when it's at the end of the evening I usually just want a nice big something - cake, cookies, whatever. So I've decided to take an opposite approach. I decide on my dessert first thing int he morning. That way, every other food choice I make during the day, I make knowing what I'll be having for dessert and how much. It's not the healthiest because I still eat all that sugar, but it's better than what I was doing.

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    I feel like if I plan my whole day of food around my dessert, all I'll think about is dessert and I'll start thinking of the rest of my food as punishment. It's awesome if it works for you. I know myself. This would go sideways for me.


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      Those are both really good points. I bet this is one of those things that half of people will swear by it and the other half will find it works against them. Rough that there isn't just one thing that goes right for everyone!


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        This makes total sense to me Drew If I know I have a big meal coming up later in the day, I'll make smarter choices for my breakfast and lunch and might not snack so heavily. So I would just shift my goal to my dessert instead of my big dinner. Makes sense. This would work for me. Thanks! I hope it's working for you!


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          This absolutely works for me. When I know exactly what i'm looking forward to at the end of the day, I won't eat sweets during the rest of the day. I'll say "I don't need that hot chocolate this afternoon, I'm having that cupcake for dessert" . That kind of thing. It does make me think about the dessert, but it also helps me to use self control.