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Does Fasting Slim Your Middle?

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  • Does Fasting Slim Your Middle?

    I’ve been reading a lot about fasting diets lately. They’re the ones where you skip food for a day per week (though you can still have water or lemon water). I know that this cuts back on a lot of calories but does it let you trim down your middle quickly?

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    I think that it does because your middle is the first place to burn fat, so you could really say that about any diet. The problem with fasting is that most of the time, is that the fat will come right back after you burn it because it's a drastic, temporary effort before you go back to normal.


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      Yes it would, but as PamelaPoisonh has pointed out, it's only temporary. It's fine if you're only looking for fast weight loss for a specific event, but it's not exactly a lifestyle.


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        Sure it does, temporarily, but it really won't last very long and the side effects you'll suffer won't be worth it. All you'll lose is water weight, which you'll gain all back soon enough. Fasting is just bad for your body, plain and simple.


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          It does, but a fasting diet is just a fancy term for "starvation". Anyone who follows this type of diet to trim their waist quickly is just asking for a load of trouble. You'll gain all the weight back before long and you'll have a hard time losing it again because your body's metabolism is so out of whack.


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            Any diet slims your middle first. As JokerzWild said, it also means that you are taking on a starvation diet, sending your metabolism on a roller coaster that really won't help you when all is said and done.